Research & Development

There has been a leap change in infrastructural development in India in past decade and as per the Planning commission's 13th Plan estimate there is an investment worth $ 1 Trillion is required. This makes us believe that huge change in needed as far as modernization of construction Industry is concerned. We through our experience in various technological fields and through the inputs of various industry executives are committed to Innovate consistently to add to the value of the Industry as a whole.

In spite of exponential growth in infrastructure space, there is very little change in method and system of execution by Private players. There is not a single company in India that has a complete ERP solution for construction which integrates the complete data flow of an Infrastructure Project. We at Innovative Engineers are in-house developing a comprehensive solution for the execution of Infrastructure Projects through our Research and Development Subsidiary Silcore Technology.

“Infrastructure Project Integration System” Which is being developed, comprehensively integrates all the threads of the system and its data flow is right from the bottom- DPRs, Measurements, Resource Utilizations- and this data is integrated to Billing, Measurement Sheets, Accounts, Finance, Material Reconciliations, Subcontractors Billing, Diesel and other energy utilizations and as well as with Technical and Designing teams. Whole system will be powered by handheld Devices, Smart Phone apps, Instrumentation & sensors, Back and Front end Software Developments, Extensive usage of modern communication technologies such as 3G networks and computer networks.

System is already installed and under trial at our sites and it is the only system of its kind in India which is set to bring revolution in Indian Infrastructure Industry.