Project Execution


IE has never stopped pursuing and perfecting ways to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our proactive management style, value engineering, sophisticated project planning systems and focused constructability methods enable our team to manage projects more aggressively without sacrificing safety and quality.

Collaboration is the name of the game in construction. Building the structure is just one piece of the process. We provide detailed planning, source the best materials, find the right Human Resource and craft specialists for the job, and manage your project hands on, from preconstruction to completion.

Also, continuous improvement is essential. That’s why, each year, we invest our own effort and expense into developing an infrastructure designed to better deliver what matters most. Quality-assured results. On-time completions. Mitigated risk. And relentless attention to your every need.


IE serves clients through general contracting, design-build, pre-construction, agency construction management, construction management at risk and more.

Fields of Expertise

Industrial Construction

IE provide commercial, light industrial and heavy industrial construction capabilities. We have contributed in Ultra Large Industrial Projects such as Adani Power’s Siracha Power Plant (4620MW) India’s Largest and World’s third largest power plant of its Kind, TATA-Power’s Mundra Ultra mega Power Project- first of its kind of India, Mundra Port and SEZ ltd- India’s Largest Private Sector Port. IE also has worked with various other large industrial projects such as Akrimota Power Plant, Dagger Forst Tools Ltd’s Auto Ancillary Plants, Anchor Daewoo Industries Ltd., and Various other Industrial Projects. IE have an expertise in Mass Concrete Works, Water Retaining Structures, Industrial Buildings, Heavy machinery foundations, Design and Fabrication of Large Industrial Sheds, Mass Earthwork , Area Developments and Paving works for Ports and Backup Yards, Effluent and Water Treatment Plants and Material handling systems.

Commercial and Residential Construction

IE have experience in construction in various kinds of public buildings and residential buildings. Integration of various agencies is key in this kind of construction and with extensive resource that IE posses and great repute that IE has among Human Resource projects execution for client is made as easy as it can be.

Precast Construction

We have worked extensively to develop deep knowhow for the Precast based construction structures. Looking at Human resource bottleneck of the nation and need for timely execution, we have developed a team and resources to provide Precast solution for various construction needs.

Pricing arrangements

IE's pricing options include Tendering, lump sum, cost reimbursement with fee and target pricing with incentives to name a few.


Efficiency, Safety and Durability are the key for any Electrical Project. We at IE with our expertise in various fields of electrical serve to you the best possible design and best practices in Execution to fulfill these requirements.

We provide following kinds of services in Electrical

  • Erection, testing and commissioning of all kinds of substations upto 400 KV
  • Design , erection, testing and commissioning of substations upto 220 KV
  • Design and Lisasioning of complete Plant electrical system upto 220 KV load
  • Erection, testing and commission of Transmission lines
  • Designing, supply and installation of Distribution, Motor Control and APFC Panels
  • Designing, supply and installation of HT panels
  • Cable Trays Erections
  • Cable Laying of all kinds
  • Designing, Supply and Installation for all kinds of residential and commercial Works
  • Designing, Supply and Erection of Lighting system for area lighting, street lighting and building lighting


We are working in the field of Automation through our Subsidiary “Silcore Technology” .

Our prime focus is in the field of Industrial Automation, Process Instrumentation, CE, UL & RoHS Compliance device developments, Automation for Robotic designs, Cell Phone Network Based SCADA systems, PLC based systems, Biomedical Instruments development and Solar Power Automation Development.

We do have Technical Skill in Embedded Systems of 8051 Family, ARM7 & ARM9 Family, CPLD & FPGA Family, Char LCD, Graphic LCD, Keypad, IR Remote (RC5), USB Pen Drive Interface, PC interfacing TCP/IP. Serial & USB Interface with hardware for monitoring & controlling, PLC based project execution with HMI, Servo Interface, 2G and 3G Based Communication systems and, SQL Server Database application Software development with real time hardware interface.

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We provide comprehensive range of Refrigeration services from HVAC, to stand alone units to commercial refrigeration. Since Refrigeration is highly energy consuming installation, proper designing to cater client’s requirements in optimized way is most essential. We through our extensive experience in the field provide best possible solution for client’s need.

Services offered

  • Designing of HVAC including VRV systems and high precisions systems for Industrial Applications, Hotels, Restaurants, community Halls, residential and commercial complexes etc
  • Supply, Installation and commissioning of HVAC including ducting insulation, unit installations and electrical systems
  • Supply and Installation of standalone units of refrigeration
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts for HVAC and Other Refrigeration products
  • Supply of Commercial Refrigeration products such as Deep freezers, Bottle coolers, Ice cube machines etc
  • We are authorized Sales and service Channel partner of Blue star and hence provide all kinds of products of Blue star ltd

EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)

Building Block of our organization is Technological and Engineering Knowhow. We do have highly qualified and experienced team of people having expertise in diversified engineering sectors such as civil, electrical, mechanical, automation, processes, refrigeration, etc to deliver best possible design and execution of complex projects, in time constrained and Technologically optimized way. Also we do have vast experience and with best possible back office resources and track record of execution, construction and procurement in few of the India’s largest projects. This Engineering and Execution capablities of ours are best utilized in our EPC works.

We work on EPC basis in various sectors such as Electrical Substaion Works from 400 KV to 11 KV, Commercial and Industrial Complexes with state of the art designs,, Automation Systems, Industrial Sheds, Area Lightings, Batch Process systems, Area Development and Integrated Townships.